Color of nightBurgers. DVDs. Cellular phones with video and text messaging. A strange noise in the basement.

Every day, we go about our business safe and secure in the knowledge that we humans have a solid grasp on the fundamentals of how the universe works. That we deserve the fruits of our million-year claw to the top of the evolutionary heap. Certain we are the pinnacle of the food chain.

Portable CD players. DSL internet connections. Microwave pizza. A shadow glimpsed from the corner of your eye, its shape so totally wrong it sends your lizard brain shrieking to cower in the back of your skull.

But in the hour of the wolf, that certainty wears thin and fades before the vastness of the dark. This is the time that shadows reveal their contents to us, when the collective unconscious unfolds and remind us that there are more things than dreamed of by the cold heart of science and reason. Things that go bump in the night. Things that were old when we huddled around the fire instead of the television. Things that look upon us with envy, contempt and hunger.

Supersonic jetliners. Electric cars. 24 hour weather channels. Sharp claws that tear the flesh, dragging you whimpering into the shadows to a slow, painful and bloody death.

Things that want to show us the true color of night.

. . .Welcome