The Color of Night

Crazy like a Fox

Episode 8


Some collect antiques. Some collect nic-naks. Others collect playthings and the souls of the damned. This is what happens when all three hobbies overlap.

Cast: Dr. Ichiko Binder, Kolin Donnarsen, Fred Stephen Folger, Special Agent Sean Flynn, and Winter Sabine Ravenscroft
Also Appearing: Winter’s ‘Posse’
With Special Guest Star: Keiyu Nogiguchi
And Introducing: Franz “Frank” Heinrich George von Pleyel, Walter Gibson, aka Mandrake the Magician and Sgt. ‘Billy’ Kubler
In-Game Date: August, 2010
Body Count: 2

Dr. Binder finds herself targeted by a kitsune that has haunted her family for generations…



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