The Color of Night

Flight into Darkness

Episode 34


After the defeat of Cain Enochian, Sean Flynn hurriedly catches a red-eye to Nevada in order to meet with Toni Estève, whom he has recently learned is the mother of his unborn child…

Cast: Sean Flynn, P.I.
Also Appearing: Antonia ‘Toni’ Estève, and Aloysius Estève
Special Guest Stars: Theoderich Durant
And Introducing: Ceferino Basilio Estève
In-Game Date: Early Monday, June 11th, thru Thursday, June 14th, 2012.
Body Count: 2 Critically Injured


Sean catches a red-eye from Columbus to Las Vegas in order to visit his pregnant girlfriend. The P.I. settles in for the four and a half hour flight hoping to catch some rest, having opted for first class. Somewhere over Kansas, the flight encounters rough weather, the turbulence turning the ride into a bit of a less than pleasant roller coaster. A coach passenger snaps under the strain and begins to cause problems with the stewardesses. Eventually, the air marshal has to get involved and a struggle ensues. The passenger, now in complete hysteria, overpowers the air marshal and manages to get the officer’s firearm. Panic erupts in coach as he brandishes the pistol, shooting and critically injuring the air marshal, and taking one stewardess hostage. He begins demanding that the pilot land the plane before they all die in the thunderstorm. As our hero moves to intervene, his gaze catches the eye of a passenger seated near the gunman. Something about the way he holds himself tells Sean that he’s seeing another lawman – one that is preparing to act.

WIP More to come