The Color of Night

Hector's Footsteps (Part I)

Episode 41 "Passage to Heathrow"


Winter & Max go on holiday abroad, where they meet interesting people and have stimulating conversations.

Cast: Winter Sabine Ravenscroft and Maximilian Calibur.
Special Guest Star: Victor Logue
And Introducing: Gracie Beecroft
In-Game Date: Play begins Thursday, July 12th; 16:00 hrs.
Body Count: 0


After the events surrounding the feral vampire swarm in Columbus, Winter feels the need to develop a better network into the 1st World. Max agrees to assist her in making contacts that are not related to the Foundation and the two book a flight to London, England.

This would prove to be only the first of many lapses in judgement on Winter’s part.

While changing over in Chicago, they are joined in first class by none other than Victor Logue, who seems equally surprised to encounter our heroes. A temporary truce is arrived at and the eleven hour long flight yields some intriguing discussion.

See Hector’s Footsteps for further documentation.