The Color of Night

Hector's Footsteps (Part IV)

Episode 44 "The Good Doctor"


Max & Winter race to stop the evil that is killing patients at Central Middlesex Hospital before they and their friends become it’s victims.

Cast: Winter Sabine Ravenscroft, and Maximilian Calibur
Also Appearing: Gracie Beecroft, Janos ‘John’ Csaba Agoston, Angela Stanwick, and Nurse Sophie Daniels.
Special Guest Stars: Mike Malcolm Michaelson
And Introducing: Dr. Death
In-Game Date: Play begins Monday, July 16, 2012; Midnight hrs.
Body Count: TBD

After uncovering a series of suspicious deaths at Central Middlesex Hospital, Max & Winter have linked a nurse to the infamous Dr. Shipman, a convicted serial killer. One problem – he’s been dead for nearly a decade…

See Hector’s Footsteps for further documentation.



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