The Color of Night

I Dream of Genie (Part III)

Episode 32 "Braising Cain"


With the Washington Skull now safely in the hands of the Vatican, can our heroes finally deal with an evil that’s tainted the region for over a century?

Cast: Sean Flynn, P.I., Franz Heinrich George von Pleyel, Winter Sabine Ravenscroft, Maximilian Calibur, Walter Gibson, aka Mandrake the Magician, and Kolin Donnarsen
Also Appearing: Iesous Manaem Sadık
Special Guest Star: Cain Enochian
And Introducing: Rainer Novak, and Maurine Bree
In-Game Date: Thursday, June 7th through Sunday June 10th, 2012
Body Count: 0!!! (Well two if you count the deer and the tiger)


In the aftermath of that chaos our friends have called in the Foundation and its legal powerhouse Xavier Dodgen to help keep their butts out of very long jail terms. The group returns to Columbus and finds themselves having to answer some very hard questions from Special Agent Novak and Homeland Security. With some legal help and careful answers they appear to retain their freedom, cautiously preparing for the next step of their fight. After much research and even more debate, our heroes finally move against the effrit who calls himself Cain Enochian. Securing promises of aid from The Foundation and elements in the local Muslim community – all while evading DHS surveillance – They manage to lure him away from his lair with mouth-watering roadkill. Breaking into his shop as he eats, Max and Walter deal with the djinn’s guardians and heist the solomonic sealing jar – only to discover that the jar, while authentic, is empty! Realizing what they have stolen, they flee the genie’s wrath!