The Color of Night

I Dream of Genie (Part I)

Episode 27 "Dream a little dream of me"


Fresh from Washington state, the gang tries to settle back into their ‘normal’ lives, but fate has other designs in store for them.

Cast: Kolin Donnarsen, Maximilian Calibur, Sean Flynn, P.I., Walter Gibson, and Winter Sabine Ravenscroft.
Also Appearing: Antonia ‘Toni’ Estève
Special Guest Stars: Seanmháthair and The Keaton Family
And Introducing: Jaime Harker, Tony Akira, Chance Maness, Sidonie Lapointe, The Widow Gruebe, and Caroline Lexa Keaton
In-Game Date: Friday, June 1st through Monday, June 4th, 2012
Body Count: 1

Summary: Finally home, some of our heroes kick back and relax, while others frantically play catch up with their mundane lives. Ichiko and Frank both cloister themselves in an effort to meet their various publishing deadlines. While Winter puts in extra hours to complete the finishing touches of her graduation art show, Sean and Kolin fret about what the heck to do with the ‘hot potato’ that is the crystal skull retrieved from Mel’s Hole.

Max finds emails waiting for him from an old friend of his who will be in town over the weekend. Tony Akira and he have worked together in the past to put down a monster or two and the guy wants to know if Max was free to help track down a possible ghoul infestation.

Toni Estève shows up to distract Sean, leaving to Kolin sort out how to protect the skull on his own. His solution involves sand, razor blades and Semtex.

Meanwhile, all has not been smooth sailing for Walter Gibson and his family. Rachel, his sister-in-law, is still on-again, off-again with the father of her daughter, little Caroline and a down on her luck friend of Christie has moved in with them all. To make matters weirder, it seems that a poltergeist with a penchant for stacking has manifested recently as well. What is a stage magician and budding psychic to do? Call Kolin, of course.

Hijinks ensue at little Caroline’s 1st birthday party, when the adorable little tyke turns out to be possessed by the same demonic water spirit that killed her grandparents. Mix in a new roommate with the Sight, creepy musical phone calls, reoccurring nightmares, sneaky paparazzi, outrageous offers to purchase the crystal skull and a visit from Sean’s outré grandmother and you begin to get the picture.