The Color of Night

Shadows & Bliss

Episode 40 "A Grand Debut"


Our Heroes receive complimentary tickets to a show and enjoy an evening of sophisticated entertainment and relaxation.

Cast: Winter Sabine Ravenscroft, Sean Flynn, P.I., Franz Heinrich George von Pleyel, Maximilian Calibur, Kolin Donnarsen, Dr. Ichiko Binder.
Also Appearing: Sibyl Avery
Introducing: Arturius the Astounding
In-Game Date: Play begins Friday, July 6th; 21:30 hrs.
Body Count: 0

Our heroes obtain free VIP passes to an evening at Bliss! the hottest new theme nightclub in Columbus. Courtesy of Walter Gibson’s agent, who is promoting the club, the characters ‘put on the ritz’ and head out for a fun night of dancing, drinking & dining.

Alas, things go south when Arturius the Astounding takes the stage and as the final part of his act, uses a strange stone sarcophagus as part of his ‘vanishing lady’ trick. While the lady in question indeed does vanish – she is replaced by a horrible shadowy demon creature that proceeds to terrorize the guests.

Much hilarity and terror ensue, but our heroes prevail, not only destroying the demon – they also retrieve the missing ‘volunteer’ from a strange dimension that Max believes to be a region of Mictlān (Aztec Hell).

The girl rescued and the sarcophagus destroyed, our group revels in their victory.

Notes: This was a test of the Roll20 virtual table top platform over the course of several evenings. While we decided that virtual play was quite viable, we have since decided to migrate to Foundry VTT as the interface and behind-the-scenes setup are somewhat easier as well as considerably better implemented. Events of this session(s) are considered cannon.