The Color of Night

Tales from the Night: The Well of Apsu

Episode 36


Nazi kidnappers, venom-spitting witches, were-gators and a demonic chihuahua have vexed our heroes in their search for the source of the legend behind Ponce de León’s mythic quest. Now they find themselves in southern Florida with few clues and potentially thousands of square miles of swamp, morass and everglades to search if they hope to heal their friend…

Cast: Maximilian Calibur, Tony Akira, Walter Gibson, Winter Ravenscroft, Frank Pleyel, Kolin Donnarsen, Dr. Ichiko Binder, Sean Flynn, P.I., and Perry Tiller
Also Appearing: Jennifer Deumount
Special Guest Stars: Ophelia Laurens
And Introducing: Joseph Trésor-Gomez
In-Game Date: Tuesday, June 19th thru Wednesday June 20th, 2012
Body Count: 9





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