The Color of Night

Tales from the Night: Curse of the Black Stone

Episode 30


Max stumbles upon a strange conspiracy dating back to the first world war and the very roots of what would become the Nazi party.

Cast: Maximilian Calibur, and Tony Akira
Also Appearing: Maria Orsitsch, Sylvia Valruhn, and Captain Ahuva Shapiro
Special Guest Star: Linas G. Gárdonyi
And Introducing: Dr. Franz Meinhard Heimglimmer
In-Game Date: April, 2010
Body Count: 10


While chasing a legendary stone purported to be a source of great occult power that was once lost by the Cathars in the thirteenth century, Max and Tony soon find themselves embroiled in a tale of necromancy, resurrection, ancient psychic powers and Nazi atrocities.



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