The Color of Night

Hector's Footsteps (Part I)
Episode 41 "Passage to Heathrow"


Winter & Max go on holiday abroad, where they meet interesting people and have stimulating conversations.

Cast: Winter Sabine Ravenscroft and Maximilian Calibur.
Special Guest Star: Victor Logue
And Introducing: Gracie Beecroft
In-Game Date: Play begins Thursday, July 12th; 16:00 hrs.
Body Count: 0


After the events surrounding the feral vampire swarm in Columbus, Winter feels the need to develop a better network into the 1st World. Max agrees to assist her in making contacts that are not related to the Foundation and the two book a flight to London, England.

This would prove to be only the first of many lapses in judgement on Winter’s part.

While changing over in Chicago, they are joined in first class by none other than Victor Logue, who seems equally surprised to encounter our heroes. A temporary truce is arrived at and the eleven hour long flight yields some intriguing discussion.

See Hector’s Footsteps for further documentation.

Shadows & Bliss
Episode 40 "A Grand Debut"


Our Heroes receive complimentary tickets to a show and enjoy an evening of sophisticated entertainment and relaxation.

Cast: Winter Sabine Ravenscroft, Sean Flynn, P.I., Franz Heinrich George von Pleyel, Maximilian Calibur, Kolin Donnarsen, Dr. Ichiko Binder.
Also Appearing: Sibyl Avery
Introducing: Arturius the Astounding
In-Game Date: Play begins Friday, July 6th; 21:30 hrs.
Body Count: 0

Our heroes obtain free VIP passes to an evening at Bliss! the hottest new theme nightclub in Columbus. Courtesy of Walter Gibson’s agent, who is promoting the club, the characters ‘put on the ritz’ and head out for a fun night of dancing, drinking & dining.

Alas, things go south when Arturius the Astounding takes the stage and as the final part of his act, uses a strange stone sarcophagus as part of his ‘vanishing lady’ trick. While the lady in question indeed does vanish – she is replaced by a horrible shadowy demon creature that proceeds to terrorize the guests.

Much hilarity and terror ensue, but our heroes prevail, not only destroying the demon – they also retrieve the missing ‘volunteer’ from a strange dimension that Max believes to be a region of Mictlān (Aztec Hell).

The girl rescued and the sarcophagus destroyed, our group revels in their victory.

Notes: This was a test of the Roll20 virtual table top platform over the course of several evenings. While we decided that virtual play was quite viable, we have since decided to migrate to Foundry VTT as the interface and behind-the-scenes setup are somewhat easier as well as considerably better implemented. Events of this session(s) are considered cannon.

The Children of Limos (Finale)
Episode 39 "Patient Zero"


Our Heroes now believe that at least one victim of Garrit Thorn, whom they destroyed in Stalking the Night Fantastic, may have ‘survived,’ setting off an outbreak of feral vampirism in the sewers of Columbus. Calling in nearly every marker at their disposal, they’ve managed to gather resources from The Heike Ichizoku no Onryo, The Eric Raven Foundation, CPD, Anathemata Curialis, and even Homeland Security! A tense meeting with a very annoyed Lilly Valient helps to cement this unlikely alliance, and drives home the necessity for quick, covert action to stop this contagion before it spreads beyond control, which would force the vampire lord to take matters into her own icy cold hands…

Cast: Winter Sabine Ravenscroft, Walter Gibson (Mandrake the Magician), Dr. Ichiko Binder, Franz Heinrich George von Pleyel, Kolin Donnarsen, Perry Tiller, and Tony Akira.
Also Appearing: Sgt. ‘Billy’ Kubler, Dr. Gideon, M.E., and Agent Ginette Wussow.
Special Guest Stars: Special Agent in Charge, Rainer Novak, and Lilly Valient
And Introducing: Matilda Elwyn
In-Game Date: Play begins Friday, June 22nd; 21:30 hrs.
Body Count: TBD


The Children of Limos (Part I)
Episode 38 "Warning Signs"


Our heroes return home from the wilds of the Florida everglades only to find that things at home are not at all well. The Hilltop area has long been touched by darkness, having become a gathering place for the discarded and the disenfranchised of Columbus. Now, in the aftermath of the Creeper’s depredations, people are vanishing from the streets once more – has the serial killer returned? Or has something worse made its home here?

Cast: Winter Sabine Ravenscroft, Walter Gibson (Mandrake the Magician), Dr. Ichiko Binder, Franz Heinrich George von Pleyel, Kolin Donnarsen, Perry Tiller, and Tony Akira.
Also Appearing: Sgt. ‘Billy’ Kubler, and Dr. Gideon, M.E.,
Special Guest Stars: Special Agent in Charge Rainer Novak
And Introducing: Lilly Valient, and Agent Ginette Wussow.
In-Game Date: Thursday, June 21st thur Friday, June 22nd; 21:15 hrs.
Body Count: Between 16-30 (unconfirmed)


Eat, Drink and Be Immortal (Finale)
Episode 37 "Who wants to live forever?"


Having met a not too unusual immortal pirate named Joe, our heroes travel deeper into the everglades, pursued by Nazis on airboats! While Winter appears to be going off the deep end, Ophelia is living up to her reputation as a bullet magnet, and Ichiko is manifesting strange spectral samurai armor. Surrounded by Will o’ Wisps and water-logged zombies, can they find the legendary Fountain of Youth and escape?

Cast: Dr. Ichiko Binder, Frank Pleyel, Kolin Donnarsen, Maximilian Calibur, Perry Tiller, Sean Flynn, Tony Akira, Walter Gibson, and Winter Ravenscroft.
Also Appearing: Ophelia Laurens
Special Guest Stars: Joseph Trésor-Gomez, Linas G. Gárdonyi, and Mortimer Faust.
And Introducing: Olaf Sieghard Walkenhorst, Labraid Lorc and Uncegila.
In-Game Date: Wednesday, June 20th, 2012; ~21:00 hrs – Thursday, June 21st, 2012; ~01:00hrs
Body Count: 32 (but all were Nazis, undead or Faerie-tale monsters)



Eat, Drink and Be Immortal (Part II)
Episode 36 "The Well of Apsu"


Nazi kidnappers, venom-spitting witches, were-gators and a demonic chihuahua have vexed our heroes in their search for the source of the legend behind Ponce de León’s mythic quest. Now they find themselves in southern Florida with few clues and potentially thousands of square miles of swamp, morass and everglades to search if they hope to heal their friend…

Cast: Maximilian Calibur, Tony Akira, Walter Gibson, Winter Ravenscroft, Frank Pleyel, Kolin Donnarsen, Dr. Ichiko Binder, Sean Flynn, P.I., and Perry Tiller
Also Appearing: Jennifer Deumount
Special Guest Stars: Ophelia Laurens
And Introducing: Joseph Trésor-Gomez
In-Game Date: Tuesday, June 19th thru Wednesday June 20th, 2012
Body Count: 9



Eat, Drink and Be Immortal (Part I)
Episode 35 "The Waters of Bimini"


Max and Tony’s friend and comrade-in-arms Frank Pleyel has seen better days. In fact, the stalwart old antique dealer has acquired several serious injuries over the course of this last year that severely reduce his chances of survival should he continue the good fight. But our two heroes have a plan – you see, there’s this odd little town in southern Florida…

Cast: Maximilian Calibur, Tony Akira, Walter Gibson, Winter Ravenscroft, Frank Pleyel, Kolin Donnarsen, Dr. Ichiko Binder, and Sean Flynn, P.I.
Also Appearing: Jacob Deumount, and Ginger Pimenter
Special Guest Stars: Ophelia Laurens, Maurine Bree, and Linas G. Gárdonyi
And Introducing: Perry Tiller and Mr. Mimsy
In-Game Date: Monday, June 11th, thru Tuesday, June 19th, 2012
Body Count: 2


See also A Florida newspaper clipping.

Flight into Darkness
Episode 34


After the defeat of Cain Enochian, Sean Flynn hurriedly catches a red-eye to Nevada in order to meet with Toni Estève, whom he has recently learned is the mother of his unborn child…

Cast: Sean Flynn, P.I.
Also Appearing: Antonia ‘Toni’ Estève, and Aloysius Estève
Special Guest Stars: Theoderich Durant
And Introducing: Ceferino Basilio Estève
In-Game Date: Early Monday, June 11th, thru Thursday, June 14th, 2012.
Body Count: 2 Critically Injured


Sean catches a red-eye from Columbus to Las Vegas in order to visit his pregnant girlfriend. The P.I. settles in for the four and a half hour flight hoping to catch some rest, having opted for first class. Somewhere over Kansas, the flight encounters rough weather, the turbulence turning the ride into a bit of a less than pleasant roller coaster. A coach passenger snaps under the strain and begins to cause problems with the stewardesses. Eventually, the air marshal has to get involved and a struggle ensues. The passenger, now in complete hysteria, overpowers the air marshal and manages to get the officer’s firearm. Panic erupts in coach as he brandishes the pistol, shooting and critically injuring the air marshal, and taking one stewardess hostage. He begins demanding that the pilot land the plane before they all die in the thunderstorm. As our hero moves to intervene, his gaze catches the eye of a passenger seated near the gunman. Something about the way he holds himself tells Sean that he’s seeing another lawman – one that is preparing to act.

WIP More to come

I Dream of Genie (Part IV)
Episode 33 "A nocturnal vacation..."


Can our heroes survive the fury of a being that once defied King Solomon?

Cast: Dr. Ichiko Binder, Franz Heinrich George von Pleyel, Jaime Harker, Kolin Donnarsen, Maximilian Calibur, Sean Flynn, P.I., Winter Sabine Ravenscroft, and Walter Gibson, aka Mandrake the Magician
Also Appearing: Iesous Manaem Sadık
Special Guest Stars: Cain Enochian
In-Game Date: The very last hour of Sunday June 10th, 2012
Body Count: Zero!


I Dream of Genie (Part III)
Episode 32 "Braising Cain"


With the Washington Skull now safely in the hands of the Vatican, can our heroes finally deal with an evil that’s tainted the region for over a century?

Cast: Sean Flynn, P.I., Franz Heinrich George von Pleyel, Winter Sabine Ravenscroft, Maximilian Calibur, Walter Gibson, aka Mandrake the Magician, and Kolin Donnarsen
Also Appearing: Iesous Manaem Sadık
Special Guest Star: Cain Enochian
And Introducing: Rainer Novak, and Maurine Bree
In-Game Date: Thursday, June 7th through Sunday June 10th, 2012
Body Count: 0!!! (Well two if you count the deer and the tiger)


In the aftermath of that chaos our friends have called in the Foundation and its legal powerhouse Xavier Dodgen to help keep their butts out of very long jail terms. The group returns to Columbus and finds themselves having to answer some very hard questions from Special Agent Novak and Homeland Security. With some legal help and careful answers they appear to retain their freedom, cautiously preparing for the next step of their fight. After much research and even more debate, our heroes finally move against the effrit who calls himself Cain Enochian. Securing promises of aid from The Foundation and elements in the local Muslim community – all while evading DHS surveillance – They manage to lure him away from his lair with mouth-watering roadkill. Breaking into his shop as he eats, Max and Walter deal with the djinn’s guardians and heist the solomonic sealing jar – only to discover that the jar, while authentic, is empty! Realizing what they have stolen, they flee the genie’s wrath!