Aimee Resnick

Little girl lost...


Aimee is a ghost of a little girl, who died at the hands of Dr. Heimglimmer at Bergenvalden. She died in 1943 at the age of twelve. She stood about 4’6” and had been bright music student. The Nazis relocated her family to the Ghetto in 1939. The family was reassigned to Bergenvalden in 1940. She suffered greatly as a test subject for Dr. Heimglimmer’s arcane rituals. Heimglimmer experienced his first success gaining paranormal powers by binding Aimee’s spirit. The ghost wants peace. She wants to escape the Dark Man, and has attached herself to Marissa Gray the hope that Marissa’s mother will find a way to end her suffering.

First Appearance: Last Rites of the Black Guard

Aimee Resnick

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