Christina Chiu

Student of Fine Arts specializing in Fashion Design.


Christina Chiu is a 5’6" petite asian woman whose family is from Detroit. She is curvy and feminine, and knows how to draw attention when she walks into a room. Conversely, she is shy and awkward, particularly with other women, which can make her appear snobbish or cold. In reality, she is a closet lesbian and has trouble talking to girls she finds attractive. She is extremely soft-hearted and gentle, especially with animals. She likes making people feel good about themselves, and her passion for fashion is related to a desire to help her friends look and feel their best. She has a tendency to fall prey to various fads, and isn’t very good at fact checking things like diets or alternative medicine before getting involved. She relies on Winter’s strength to help her make decisions, and calls Winter whenever she has a problem.

At the end of their Senior year, Christina ran afoul of a cursed music box. She attacked her girlfriend, and was taken home by her parents. While at home, she tried to commit suicide, and was hospitalized where she remained institutionalized for several months.

As of late summer, Christina is now back at home. She is graduating, but hasn’t been able to return to Columbus, and her friends have been unable to visit her since the incident.


Still in the closet lesbian. From Detroit, Michigan.
A member of Winter’s ‘Posse’
First Appearance: Mack the Knife

Christina Chiu

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