Latoya Cribb

Student of Fine Arts and semi-professional painter.


Latoya Cribb is a tall woman, with skin the color of burnt umber, and curly hair she keeps in tight braids. She is able to put her hair up or leave it down, changing her look on a whim. She loves to dress up, and her makeup and nails are always impeccable. She has a quick wit, and loves to have fun. However, her waters run deep. She uses a larger than life personality to cover her more serious side. It is hard to get close to Latoya, but she is unerringly loyal to those who manage it. She is Winter’s closest friend.

As of late summer, Rebecca and Latoya have become roomies, getting an apartment together, and both are also attending grad school.


A member of Winter’s Posse.
Absolutely huge fan of Fred Stephen Folger – thinks he’s a scream!
Native to Columbus.
First Appearance: Mack the Knife

Latoya Cribb

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