Rebecca Parris

Bulimic student of Fine Arts specializing in Sculpture.


Rebecca Parris is the tallest of the posse, at 6’1". She has glossy dark hair with blond highlights when she spends any time in the sun. Her skin is a creamy tan, and her eyes are dark brown. Rebecca is from Texas, and speaks with a regional drawl. She’s quiet without being shy, and extremely observant. A bit of a tomboy, she’s just as happy to stay at the dorm in sweat pants and a t-shirt as she is dressing up to go clubbing with her friends. Rebecca is a sculptor, and loves working with her hands.

In late 2009, Winter and her friends helped Rebecca’s family resolve a haunting that was causing problems for the younger kids. Rebecca was scared by the supernatural elements of the case, and hasn’t ever pressed Winter for more details. However, if any of the posse have figured out that Winter and her other friends are involved in something unusual, it’s Rebecca.

As of late summer, Rebecca and Latoya have become roomies, getting an apartment together, and both are also attending grad school.


A member of Winter’s ‘Posse’
First Appearance: Mack the Knife
Originally from Texas.

Rebecca Parris

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