Antique Straight Razor

A beautifully crafted antique razor stained with dark brown flecks.

weapon (melee)

Believed to be the blade used by Jack the Ripper himself. The spirit inside it will attempt to force anyone who finds it to perform five brutal murders, and then commit suicide. The Razor can’t be destroyed, but it can be gotten rid of for a time (such as encasing it in a block of cement and dropping it into the sea). Eventually it will turn up again somewhere, though it may take years before it surfaces in a trinkets shop in Delhi, or buried in a pile of decapitated Barbie dolls in a back alley in Singapore… The Razor appears to be a steel straight razor flecked with dried blood that can never quite all be cleaned off. It does STR+1 damage normally, or STR+4 when used against women. Despite this massive damage, however, it will never kill female victims immediately; only reduce them to Incapacitated initially. The victim will remain alive for their Vigor die type in minutes in this state, giving the carrier of the Razor ample time to torture them. The Razor has a Spirit d12+1 and the powers Puppet and Suggestion. It can use Suggestion at limited range (5") to convince a male target to pick it up. It can only use Puppet against the person carrying it. Neither of these powers work on women. Some occult scholars who’ve studied the Razor’s history believe that an exorcism performed by five virgin nuns would destroy the spirit within the Razor, but that theory has never been put to the test.

Current Whereabouts: Believed to be held by the Nox noctis Vigilo

Antique Straight Razor

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