Bindings of Morpheus


When worn, this bracelet allows the wearer use of the Disguise power (Savage Worlds Deluxe, page 111) effecting the wearer only.

It has 27 power points and an arcane skill of d8.

While potent, this artifact is taxing to use. Once activated, it has a side effect of giving the user one level of fatigue every half hour (or portion thereof) unless resisted by a Vigor test. Vigor tests are subject to usual modifiers, including fatigue. If a user becomes incapacitated from this effect, continue to track fatigue until the power is turned off (bracelet removed, runs out of power, etc.). Fatigue sustained this way can only be healed by a minimum of 4 hours rest per level of fatigue.

(Yes, you can effectively put yourself into a coma with this device.)

Bindings of Morpheus

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