Book of Osirus

An aged journal, filled with handwritten german and hieroglyphs.


Understanding this book requires the appropriate language skills, and a roll at -4 to translate. A successful hero ascertains that the book contains lists of spells, cantrips and rituals, though many pages have been torn out.

A character with the Arcane Magic background edge can, after translation, piece together the following arcane spells:

Spirit Shield, from the Horror Companion rulebook, page 36.
Grave Speak, from the Horror Companion rulebook, page 45.

The character may cast these spells using the book as a reference after paying the usual PP costs. The character may purchase these spells as a power per the normal advancement rules which forgoes the necessity of having the book on hand during casting.


An aged handwritten book on Osirus, the Egyptian god of the underworld and judge of the dead. Some of this book is written in German while the rest is scribed with Hieroglyphics.

Book of Osirus

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