Covenant of Apsu

The Gift of Immortality


The most common appellation for a bargain between a noble of the Tuatha Dé Danann and a mortal for the gift of immortality or agelessness. While this pact can have many terms, addenda and forms of payment, it will always apply the following effects to any who enter into it.

“Semper Iuvenis” The signatory, while not precisely immortal, is entirely ageless. For so long as the covenant is held, they remain physiologically the age agreed upon at the time the bargain was made.

“Omne Trium Perfectum” The signatory is now partially bound by the Law of Three. Any agreement or statement that is spoken three times must be upheld. Deviation or breach results in a level of Fatigue. This fatigue cannot kill the signatory, but cannot be removed until the agreement is either released or fulfilled.

“Novi Tu” The signatory is able to detect other immortals and ageless with a successful Notice test at -2.

“Verum Faciem” The signatory is able as a standard action, to alter their appearance to any age they have ever been. This in no way actually alters their true age or age effects on their physiology. If used in conjunction with the Disguise skill, this ability raises that skill die by one type.

“Silentium Numquam Prodit” The signatory is obligated to never speak of any details of the Well, the Covenant, or their Sponsor with anyone other than those present at its sealing. Breaching this immediately and permanently removes all effects of the Covenant, irrevocably returning the signatory to their true age in an instant.

Covenant of Apsu

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