Crate of Goodies

A box of supplies provided by The Eric Raven Foundation



UV Ammo in several calibers UV_Bullet.jpg
Designed for use against vampires, UV bullets are tipped with a glass capsule filled with a chemical that emits ultraviolet illumination. On impact, the capsule shatters, exposing the
vampire’s innards to the scorching light. These rounds cause full damage against vampires, bypassing their invulnerability. Due to the frangible tip, they subtract 1 from the round’s AP and –2 from their damage. The case contains 30 rounds each of 9mm, .45, and 5.56/.223. There are also 5 rounds in .50bmg. Ranges are as normal rounds.

UV_Grenade.jpg 1 dozen UV Grenades
A state-of-the-art anti-vampire device, this one-use grenade contains a powerful UV light encased in a steel container. When thrown, side panels blow away and the powerful UV light fills a Medium Burst Template in a blinding flash. A vampire caught in the blast suffers 2d10 damage and has a chance of catching fire. Although not designed for use against mortals or other undead, the powerful light can blind targets. Non-vampiric targets within the template must make an Agility roll at –2 or be Shaken.

2 dozen Glass Globes holy_water_grenade.jpg
These thin-walled containers will hold one pint of liquid and come with screw on caps and metal foil crosses embossed on the sides. When thrown, they will shatter, splashing any liquids within out in an area the size of a Small Burst Template. Range 5/10/20

garlic_necklace.jpg 30 Garlic Necklaces
Warding material (garlic) shaped into necklaces or bracelets, gives creatures the material is designed to thwart a –2 penalty to Fighting rolls against the wearer. It has no affect on other creatures. Wearing multiple charms of the same material does not grant a cumulative penalty. Note: The efficacy of such material against vampires may be of limited or unpredictable value due to the variations inherent in vampiric vulnerabilities.

14 Neck Protectors Neck_Protectors.jpg
Neck protectors are used to stop vampires sinking their fangs into a person’s neck. They are just a simple, wide band of leather with woven chain mail that covers the entire neck, providing +3 Armor to the wearer. They provide no protection against Called Shots to the head, unless the attacker states he’s aiming for the neck (such as in a decapitation attack).

UV_Flashlight.jpg 10 UV Flashlights
Unlike regular flashlights, ultraviolet flashlights do not give off visible light, and thus are no use for illuminating an area unless the user is wearing nightvision goggles. However, they are an effective weapon against vampires. Use the Cone Template to represent the UV beam. All targets within the template may make an Agility roll at –2 to avoid it. Any vampire struck by the beam suffers 2d6 damage and has a chance of catching fire. Treat the flashlight as being good for 30 “shots” before the battery is drained. The weight and cost of the UV flashlight includes a battery. Vampires completely covered by clothing, including sunglasses, are not affected by UV flashlights.

4 Mini Crossbows Mini_Crossbow.jpg
The mini-crossbow (or hand crossbow) is fired with one hand and reloaded much faster than its larger cousin at the expense of range and damage. Each comes with 20 finely crafted wooden bolts. (Range 6/12/24, 2d4, RoF 1, Shots 1, AP 1, One Action to reload)

Flare_Pistol.jpg 3 Flare Pistols
Flare pistols are used for signaling. Monster slayers, however, have learned that certain monsters, notably mummies, are quite flammable. A flare pistol striking a mummy (or something equally flammable) causes + 4 damage and has a chance of catching it on fire as a flammable object. Against other targets, the damage is as listed, but there is a lesser chance of igniting the target’s clothing. Each of these pistols come with 4 rounds of ammunition. (Range 3/6/12, 2d6+1, ROF 1, Shots 1, One Action to reload)

20 Silver ‘Multi-Faith’ Holy Symbols Holy_Symbol_Multi-Tool.jpg
Crosses, crucifixes, Stars of David, and other holy symbols have power over vampires and demons. Usually they are held at arm’s length to keep the bloodsucker at bay, but they can cause damage when pressed directly against their vile flesh. Effectiveness may vary based on user’s faith and piety. A successful Touch Attack with the symbol inflicts 2d4 damage. Holy symbols don’t work through armor, but the attacker can make a Called Shot to bypass all but sealed protection.

Wooden_Stakes.jpg 50 Wooden Stakes
For last ditch hand-to-hand with those pesky Nosferatu… It is perhaps ironic that even in a high-tech world, a simple pointed stick remains one of the most effective ways of dispatching a vampire. (Can be thrown – Range 2/4/8, Str+d4)

4 UV Shop Lights UV_Work_Light.jpg
These stand up spot lights do not give off visible light, and thus are no use for illuminating an area unless the user is wearing nightvision goggles. However, when properly powered, they will maintain a constant Large Burst Template around them lit with UV light. Treat any creatures sensitive to sunlight entering this area as if they were exposed to direct sunlight.

Crate of Goodies

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