FN M1910, serial number 19074

Gavril Princip's infamous pistol.

weapon (ranged)

Range: 12/24/28
Damage: 2D6
RoF: 1
Cost: priceless
Weight: 2
Shots: 7
Notes: AP 4, Semi-Auto

Abilities: Fear; Confusion; Open Channel

This antique pistol, heavy with the weight of deaths it has caused, is unusually ponderous for a handgun of its size. When drawn in combat, its dread becomes palpable and its bearer is treated as possessing the Fear ability (Savage Worlds Deluxe, page 131) forcing a Guts check in all viewers. For each shot fired, it causes Confusion (use Shooting roll as magic skill) in a medium burst template around the user (user is immune). Additionally, the bearer of this dreadful weapon is treated as having the Open Channel hindrance (Beyond the Veil, page 4). Targets with Immunity or a Weakness treat all shots fired by this weapon as if the rounds were the appropriate bane or substance (if multiple apply, use the most favorable for the shooter). Scholars believe other effects, both more subtle and dire, may result from using this handgun, but this has yet to be substantiated.

FN M1910, serial number 19074

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