Mayan Soul Battery

An ancient bowl made of red clay.


An ancient type of mana battery, which depending on quality, origin and charging method, these devices can typically store anywhere from 25 to 700 power points.


A foul device designed for the storage and controlled release of the energy gleaned from harvested human souls. These items are typically charged through ritual human sacrifice over long periods of time and can be quite powerful in the right wrong hands. While such devices were certainly in use around the world prior to 2600 B.C.E., it was just as certainly the Mayans who refined and perfected them, often in ritual month-long mass sacrifices. Accessing that power can be dangerous to the uninitiated however, and is usually considered an outright evil act. Many are cursed as well, to prevent unauthorized use and/or just the hideous nature of this branch of necromancy.

Mayan Soul Battery

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