McBride .44 Colt Model 1860

weapon (ranged)

General Robert E Lee himself granted this particular weapon to Colonel Jonah McBride in recognition of incredible valor during unspecified covert actions around New Orleans during the American Civil War. The nature of these missions surprisingly remain sealed in federal archives, but what little could be garnered from the Colonel’s correspondences to his wife would indicate the danger involved merited the recognition.

After its recovery following the investigation of Colonel McBride’s disappearance in the deep bayou, the .44 Colt was turned over to the Colonel’s family and has since been handed down as a heirloom, save for a brief period when it was thought lost. It is an extraordinarily well-preserved piece of American history. It is a pristine condition, brass .44 Colt Model 1860 Army revolver, the pistol remains within its original burnished walnut case, along with its accouterments.

Colonel Jonah McBride: 1861-1863
Sarah McBride: 1863-1879
Unknown: 1880-1961
Jonah McBride, Sr.: 1962-2000
Jonah McBride, Jr.: 2000-Present

Opening Bid: $5,000

McBride .44 Colt Model 1860

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