Polybius Cabinet


When turned on, anyone hearing the Polybius in a large burst template must make a Spirit roll at -4 or be entranced. Those succeeding at this initial roll are immune to this particular cabinet. Those ensnared are essentially Shaken and can perform no actions but to move to the cabinet and begin playing (or watching the screen if another is playing). Every round they play or watch, they must make another Spirit roll (no penalty) or have their Spirit die temporarily reduced by one die type. Victims who have their Spirit die reduced to zero are transformed into mindless, soul less, living zombies under the control of the owner of the cabinet. Survivors can regenerate lost Spirit dice the same way that Sanity is restored.


Polybius is an arcade cabinet described in an urban legend, which is said to have induced various psychological effects on players. The story describes players suffering from amnesia, night terrors, and a tendency to stop playing all video games. Around a month after its supposed release in 1981, Polybius is said to have disappeared without a trace. There is no evidence that such a game has ever existed.

Polybius Cabinet

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