The Honjo Masamune

The legendary missing Masamune blade

weapon (melee)

The Honjo Masamune is treated as a cold iron weapon. When used against demons, It grants the user + 2 to Fighting and causes an extra + 2 damage, but functions as a normal blade against all other creatures. In addition, it can be used to detect demons. In the presence of demons or demonic magic (about 10 yards), the fold patterns on the blade glow unholy red. It does Str+d6+2 damage, AP 2 normally.


In contrast to Muramasa’s cursed swords are the blades of legendary priest and swordsmith Masamune. Legend has it that Masamune and Muramasa held a competition to decide the superior smith by placing their blades in a stream. While Muramasa’s cut everything it touched, Masamune’s refused to cut anything undeserving, even the air.While Masamune’s works are valued as Japanese national treasures, one of the swords has never been found. Following Japan’s surrender in WWII, the “Honjo Masamune” was given to an American soldier, Sgt. Coldy Bimore, who most likely took it home with him as a war souvenir. As the mysterious G.I. has never been found, the sword’s whereabouts have likewise been lost. Despite the sword’s doubtless worth (it is potentially worth millions), sword collectors are no closer to finding the legendary lost Masamune than they were the day it disappeared.

Note: Some 1st World sources maintain that the Honjo Masamune is in the possession of the The Heike Ichizoku no Onryo

The Honjo Masamune

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