The Color of Night

Mack the Knife
Episode 1 - Campaign Kick-off


A literary seminar, a brutal serial killer, an antique straight-razor and a rogue FBI agent all collide in a creepy introduction to the Color of Night.

Cast: Winter Ravenscroft, Dr. Ichiko Binder, Fred Stephen Folger, Special Agent Sean Flynn and Kolin Donnarsen
Also Appearing: Special Agent Howie Cervantez and Winter’s ‘Posse’
In-Game Date: October, 2009
Body Count: 3


In an attempt to prop up their mediocre grades in Dr Binder’s Paper Arts class, Winter and her posse manage to convince their professor that visiting a local literary convention at the Ramada Plaza may be worth some extra credit. SamHainCon! turns out to be somewhat less than what Dr. Binder hoped for, but the convention does sport award-winning author Fred Stephen Folger as their GoH.

Meanwhile, Special Agent Sean Flynn of the FBI’s Columbus Office, is becoming concerned about his partner, Howard “Howie” Cervantez. For the last year or so, Howie has been becoming more and more obsessed with the bureau’s more strange and outre cold cases. Lately, he has been acting secretive and taciturn even with his partner. Finally, on the weekend of SamHainCon!, Howie’s wife contacts Sean, saying that Howie has gone missing and not answering her calls.

Back at SamHainCon!, Winter and her posse manage to corner the elusive F.S. Folger for an impromptu book signing / interview. Fortunately, a screaming guest allows the author to slip away from the unofficial meet-n-greet when it is interrupted by the discovery of a grisly murder…