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The Color of Night House Rules


These are supplemental to those found in Savage Worlds Deluxe and The Savage Worlds Horror Companion and supersede them where noted or appropriate.

  • Shaken – At the beginning of their action, a Shaken character makes a Spirit roll to recover. On a failure, he remains Shaken. On a success, the character removes their Shaken condition and may take their action normally.
    The change to Shaken necessitates an amendment to the Relentless Edge from the Savage Worlds Horror Companion:
    Requirements: Novice, Spirit d8+
    Your slayer is truly driven to defeat evil. He must seek it out wherever he suspects it lies, and brooks no interference from those he thinks bar his way. In exchange for this dogged determination and unflinching dedication to the chase, Relentless characters may take a single action at –2 to any Trait roll while Shaken.
  • Guts – Nope. Gone forever. Spend your points on something nice. We will be using the Fear rules from The Horror Companion pg 140.
  • Wealth – We will be using the Wealth rules from SWADE Core pg 145.
  • Alternate PsiBeyond the Veil and Its a paranormal world after all. In most circumstances, these rules will supersede those in the core rule book.
  • Ritual MagicSharkBytes Volume 1, No. 2, pages 65-67 (this is an alternate system of magic from what is presented under Rituals pages 26-27 in the Horror Companion) We will be using both systems depending on circumstances and the GM’s Whim.
  • Familiars – See the Companions and Familiars book.
    * Making ItemsSee the Enchanting Items Wiki page.
  • Backlash – per Horror Companion, pg 20
  • Sanity – per Horror Companion, pages 22-24

Practitioners should also see Sources of Power, Wards, Banes and Binding, Enchanting Items, and Chronological Phenomena.


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House Rules

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