House Teruel


House Teruel is the most common appellation for the largest, most organized and most feared of the vampire clans in the world. Once based in Teruel Spain, the clan, led and entirely sired by Aloysius Estève, still maintains a vigorously defended stronghold in this small provincial capital, even though Aloysius himself and most of the senior members relocated to what is now Las Vegas, Nevada sometime around 1860. House Teruel is believed to maintain many ties and influences in both American and Spanish politics and is even rumored to have extended ‘living’ family within the Cortes Generales. (Eduardo Dato e Iradier may even have been one of these.)

While the next largest known clan (the Vasilescu) has perhaps a dozen fully matured (old or ancient) vampires, House Teruel is believed to sport a current population of more that thirty individuals over a century old. (Although this may not be entirely accurate as it is thought that as many as a dozen were lost during The Battle of Teruel during the Spanish Civil War.) Vampire clans (or nests) tend to fracture once there are more than half a dozen older vampires for several reasons, the top two being because predator-prey ratios generally become locally imbalanced with more, risking 2nd world discovery and the second because vampires are extremely territorial.

See also: Aloysius Estève, Javier Estève, and Basil Estève.

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House Teruel

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