The Color of Night

Stalking the Night Fantastic

Episode 28


Something is hunting the residents and indigents of the Hilltop area of Columbus. Something fast. Something elusive. Something hungry. With Sean off investigating the Hyatt fire, only a handful of our friends are left to hold the line against the darkness that seems always ready to encroach upon the day.

Cast: Jaime Harker, Kolin Donnarsen, Maximilian Calibur, and Winter Sabine Ravenscroft
Also Appearing: “Seanmháthair” Rowan Maureen, and Ordinariate Father Matthew
Special Guest Stars: Theo Durant and The Creeper
And Introducing: Willie Dread, and Officer Peter Shiba
In-Game Date: Tuesday, June 5th, 2012
Body Count: 2


As Kolin makes the visiting Father Matthew and his companions comfortable in the bunker’s basement, Jaime Harker struggles to get through the nightmare that has become her everyday existence. Jamie has the Sight, and her workplace, the Hilltop Free Clinic is not only a cesspool in the Second World, but a magnet for the restless spirits and other things that haunt the neighborhood.

For what Sean was up to during this episode see A newspaper clipping and Ring, Ring.
For more on Jaime Harker’s story, see Phantasms and Fluorescent Lights.